A Perpetual Astonishment

“Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment.”           – Ellis Peters

IMG_2874This is quite an amazing spring for us! In some respects, well earned! The autumn was horrifying! In September Hurricane Irma aligned with a full moon and high tides to flood us out of our apartment along the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida. Since we were slated to finally move into our Virginia home this March, we had to relocate for six months into another residence. Out of fright and recovery, we rented in a different part of town and on a second floor. The poor cat is just recovering from post traumatic stress syndrome with the Irma story, but that’s a whole other blog!!

This past week, we have had the astonishing blessing to experience spring in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. We are living witnesses to this since John safely drove a UHaul north through these states. It was amazing to have lived through four weeks of heavy yellow powdered pollen blowing all over us in Florida and then, as we drove north, observe spring bursting out all over again. The photos in this blog are out the car window, with a cat sleeping on my lap while I was driving following the truck. So don’t judge too harshly!

It occurs to me that nature allows spring to clean away snow, slush and ice, scrub away winter and release a bounty of colors for hope and renewal! (as in spring cleaning…)  Spring makes us smile and resets all our woes right with the world again. We need spring. It allows us to break out just as the forsythia buds pop. We need spring as we begin the senior phase of our lives in a new state of retirement. We are astonished to have this opportunity in front of IMG_2851us and are choosing to spring forward into new activities, friendships and hobbies. No looking back on the pollens of the past, only forward to what comes after pollen- – – the scents, blossoms and glory.

From all visual clues, spring is on its way to Virginia next!  Having lived through it more than once this season, I am ready for the perpetual astonishment it heralds!! Bring it on!







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