Latin and Cyrillic Impressions

Impressions from recent travel adventures have left me better informed of life along the Adriatic Sea from Venice to Athens and puzzled over traveling in general.  Perhaps one touring challenge for me is haviFullSizeRenderng a friend who collects photos of manhole covers from around the world. Therefore I spend a lot of time looking down to send her pictures like this from Athens. (After you read this blog if you get hooked on her unique collection, send me your photos and I will get them to her.)

IMG_0354My first major hurdle this trip was arriving at our destination with any cosmetics! So I created my own T-Shirt- I SURVIVED BRITISH CUSTOMS. They are brutal man… tossing expensive liquids or gels that I inadvertently forgot to pack in my checked baggage.

When we arrived in lovely and water filled Venice, I immediately felt sorry for anyone who resides here! This is one tough city to live in! Venice sits on thousands of wooden poles pushed vertically in the mud to provide the city’s foundation. All the major thoroughfares are waterways, so everyone owns a boat and “drive” gondolaon jam-packed waterways. No cars, boats, skateboards or bicycles  are allowed on the small paved streets. I grimaced as the mothers had to lug baby strollers over cobble-stoned streets and hoist them up ancient steep stairways, just as guests had to drag their suitcases to their hotels. I wonder where the dogs go to do their business. There is no grass. There are many hand pulled large carts pulled by brawny Italian men making their deliveries or long boats packed with all those items people order from Amazon or the daily restaurant suppliesVenice. It is a treacherous city for the disabled to maneuver. Nevertheless the city and its people are hearty and friendly and we loved every minute!

There is a street just below the Acropolis in Athens on the Plaka filled with nothing but restaurants. The owners stand in front of their own and hawk their menus and delicacies luring you to eat with them. “We can bake anything you want. I cook anything my mother made in my home village. You come now!” Avoid that street! BUT a must see in life is to make the arduous climb to the marbled slippery streets surrounding the Parthenon. How on earth did people 3000 years ago make such a wonder? Put this place on your wish list along with the recently completed Archaeological Museum below it where actual relics are on display!parthe

Some recommendations from us? Feel the privilege of cryliilcEnglish spoken around the world when you travel! This trip blended the Latin and Cryillic languages with English. I have NO idea what this sign along the way to Kofer, Montenegro said and admire those who can read it!

Ride a water taxi into Venice and stand up to feel the spray on your face! Have coffee on the Piazza San Marco, eat an authentic Greek Salad in Athens, risk exploring any old village with hidden pathways that lead into big surprise campos. (Dubrovnik and Venice pictured.)

One luxury we always find the time and money for aboard a ship (this time the Viking Sea) is a spa treatment, facial, massage or sauna. Being dipped in these services makes you feel so special and pampered.

I am still curious about the statement I heard on British Aihighlightsrways on the way home though, “If you need further information, check your HIGHLGHTS magazine.”

Bon Voyage!


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