Life Lake Lessons

There must be a reason we are still traveling between Florida aporchnd Virginia. I know the REAL reason is John is still working, even though I retired three years ago. But the underlying spiritual reason must be because the Almighty is still teaching me lessons about living on a lake. After two weeks in our wonderful Virginia home, this blog serves as a place for me to share my recent life lake lessons (LLL)!

  1. Mice like warm and fuzzy.
  2. Boats are longer lasting when tied down.
  3. Pollen multiplies.
  4. Which is better? Round and square hay bales?
  5. Mulch is expensive.

Two visits ago I rousted a mouse family from the boathouse because they found the inside of the dock cushions perfect nesting material for their new family. I screamed across the lake at them and they quickly scattered. I relocated the cushions to a plastic box near the house sure that this would be far away from another warm and fuzzy home. NOT! mouseThe same (probably different) mouse mama and babies had to be dumped again this visit. Now any cushions are stored inside the house with BOUNCE sheets between them. LLL#1-don’t store paper, cushions, or chewable mouse nest materials where mice might be!

boatingAnxious to be prepared for a family boating trip I volunteered to lower the boat from the lift. I untied the ropes, lowered the boat and scampered back up the cart path to the house to change clothes. When the family (it had to be family, right?!) arrived, they asked why the boat was floating lazily around the dock in the lake???? LLL#2-once a boat is untied, it must retied to the dock before leaving its berth!

LLL#3-Pollen multiplies, whether I am at the house or not!

Living in a rural lake community where cows arehaybales
often the only morning walking companions, one must take sides with farmers mowing hay. There are round and square bales. Wonder what a hayride with round bales is like? Which do you prefer? LLL#4-this is an important choice!

Having a landscaper is a luxury. But with 17 yards of new spring mulch, three inches deep at $50 a yard … LLL#5 a wheelbarrow is cheaper and next year we do our ow mulch spreading!meonporch

So until our next visit, I will just spy on our house and research how to keep
pollen off the screened in back porch while not there!








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