signpostsIt occurs to me that there are steps in life that mark amazement. (Or maybe as I get older I realize just how tiny a speck I am on the big life picture!) Here’s a couple thought provoking markers.

MEDICARE CARD– I just got mine since I am turning age 65! Kinda’ like a ticket to heaven and quite a reality badge for my next 65 years!

COLORING BOOKS– the best-selling books in every store. One can color everything from apples to zebras, from movie stars to hummingbirds….no matter what age. It was hard to find these during the age of booming electronics. Who said paper is dead?!

GglobeOOGLE EARTH– for years I have looked for my new home to appear in this app. Alas, nothing. Well, it is there now, along with my sister’s and brother’s three year old houses. Google Earth is a new sign post. They have finally caught up with me.

GENETIC MARKERS: Our mom died from complicadna-helixtions of Alzheimer’s Disease. An insidious  disease that takes your mind before your body. I hope not to die like that. I could take a test to see if I am predisposed to dementia, but I am passing on that, maybe curiosity and dumbness can be an effective marker for more happiness now!election-button-4026528 Not ready for that grave marker yet!

POLITICAL MARKERS: Probably the loudest symbols before us all now. I have never lived where people have worked so hard to elect and not elect one person. Hang on tight, it’s gonna be quite the ride!

What markers are lining your journey now? Share them in the comments section when you respond to the blog. Thank you.


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  1. Great list. But reflect also on adolescence (yuk and now our poor grand children enduring it), buying a first home, retiring, job changes, relationship changes, first drink, first everything else! Gray hair, wrinkles, chipped teeth; I think you’ve hit in something to think about for sure!


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