Fire from Afar!

Snow dazed!
Valentine’s shoveling!

Many of the loyal bloggers to this post have followed our new home building over the last few years. Thank you.

As you recall, our billing and mailing addresses are in Florida, but our heart and future rest in a lake home in Virginia.  Our house was built 90% via emails, online ordering and phone calls with builders and subcontractors. We chose paint colors, bath fixtures, cabinetry and landscaping thanks to the World Wide Web. We could not have accomplished this task 25 years ago. Amazon is on a first name basis with us and always reminds us of our past orders and additional items that would enhance our home (and their coffers!)

Since retirement is still not as imminent as we’d like (HEY! Stock Market!), we make  visits and home additions via long distance. The newest extension to our ‘estate’ is a backyard fire pit. Several bids were taken via email and we locked into Groundscapes of Rocky Mount. We have yet to meet James or the workers on the completed project, but thanks to … (wait for it!)… Iimage1nternet security cameras on the house, we could serve as long distance observers (spies) on their tasks. Though hampered by two snowfalls and varying temperatures, busy bee workers have completed the job. We are itching for roasted hot dogs and IMG_2431_edited-1marshmellows. I am researching how to do that via the Internet next!

 Spy along with us! Here is a short video of the building over a few months this winter .


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